Acu Cobol and COM fails with error 0x80131700

About the programming interface for the virtual PDF printer driver.

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Acu Cobol and COM fails with error 0x80131700

Postby jr » Sun May 16, 2010 10:39 pm

When using the COM object with progid Bullzip.PDFPrinterSettings from Acu Cobol a call to .writesetting will result in an error message. The error is 0x80131700 and was observed on a Windows XP system. The same Acu Cobol program worked fine on many other computers with similar operating system configurations. We think this error is related to some internals in the Acu Cobol runtime 8.1 when instantiating COM objects, which are .NET classes registered for COM interop.

It was obeserved that the same COM based operations worked fine on the same system if they were carried out from a VB script.

The system we examined was a 32 bit Windows XP.

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