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PDF extension hidden

Postby nood_noot » Fri Sep 04, 2009 1:39 am

I've just started testing out the PDF Printer and I think it's great, but I've noticed an issue.
When the client has "Hide extensions for known file types" enabled in Windows' Folder Options, the Save-As dialog for PDF Printer does not append .pdf to the file name. This doesn't seem to be a problem if one accepts the default file name, but if one changes the file name in the Save As dialog, the file extension is not appended to the file name when saved.

For example, I have set the default file name to be <desktop>\<date>.pdf . When I print to the PDF Printer, I get the Save As dialog (which I want), and it lists the file name as "20090903" and the File Type as *.pdf, but the file name does not have .pdf appended to it. If I just click Save, it will save the file with file name 20090903.pdf, but if I were to change the file name in the dialog to "20090903-2", it would save the file with only that name, it would not save it as 20090903-2.pdf.

Normally it wouldn't be a problem, I'd just type in .pdf on the file name, but the people who will be using this aren't very bright. And I want to have file extensions hidden in Windows, so disabling that isn't an option.

Is this something I've set wrong, or an issue with the software?
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