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Right Edge Clipping

Postby Optiker » Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:34 pm

One of my most frequent uses of Bullzip is in keeping a record of web pages - particularly those that are for online purchases, when I want a digital, timestamped record. In the past, I simply printed the page using File/Print from the top menu in my browser (Firefox). That used to seem to work, but in the past months, when I do that, it has been clipping the right edge or at least some, if not all. If the page has a separate button for a printable version of what's on the page, that seems to work fine. I've tried setting the page size under Properties/Layout/Advanced/Paper/Output/Paper Size/Postscript Custom Page Size, and that has eliminated clipping, so is an adequate fallback, but I'd really like to get it right to avoid having to drill down to that level of properties each time I print a web page.

Is this due to the format of the HTML code not being margin limited, or is it due to something else? Is there any solution other than setting page size every time I print from a web page?

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