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Embedded Fonts

Postby Optiker » Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:21 pm

In older versions - if I recall correctly, fonts were not embedded. In the current version, they are, or can be. I have several questions relative to embedded fonts. I am running ver.

(1) What is the default - fonts embedded or not?

(2) If default is embedded, each entire font in the document, or just the characters actually used?

(3) Under Properties/Layout/Advanced, then under Document Options/Printer Features, there are two settings: (a) PDF EmbedAllFonts: Default, and (b) PDF SubsetFonts: Default.

(3a) What does each of those two mean - ie, what is turned on and off for the True/False settings?

(3b) Which is the Default setting for each of those two, True or False?

I am very interested in embedding fonts for some documents - for example, my Christmas letter! :) I send it to many by e-mail attachment of the PDF to assure anybody receiving it can open it, but, without font embedding, I need to restrict font choices to those most common that would be on every computer - Times New Roman, Arial, etc.

Thanks Very much for any help you an provide on this!
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