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Autosave to folder using LPD - LPR

Postby csommer » Wed Dec 02, 2009 6:57 pm

My bullzip printer is set up to save everything it prints to a folder and I have it set to name the file with the current date and time.
It works great if I send a windows printer test page or something from word or excel, but there is a problem when I try to use LPR...

When I try to use LPR, I get a prompt to choose a file name, what's up with that? I have it set to save to a file with the current date and time.

The problem is easily recreated by following these steps:

1) Install BullZip PDF printer and set it to not prompt a user for anything, and to save everything printed to it to a folder on your favorite drive.
Test it and make sure it works from your favorite windows word processor.

2) Make sure you have "Print Services for Unix" installed... This is included with Windows XP Pro and Windows 2003. If you don't know what I'm talking about you can find it by going to "Control Panel" -> "Add or Remove Programs" -> Click on "Add/Remove Windows Components" on the left. Wait for the "Windows Components Wizard" to load. Look in the list for "Other Network File and Print Services". Click on it and hit the details button. Check the check box to the left of "Print Services for Unix" and hit OK then Next.

3) If you look in your Services list you should see a new service called "TCP/IP Print Server" you'll want to make sure it is started.

4) Just for ease of use you may want to rename your bullzip PDF printer to a name without spaces. I used (BullzipPDF).

5) Open notepad and create a text file, or use a text file you have laying around. You'll want to save it in an easy to access directory. I just used the root of C:

6) Open a command prompt and type the following (without quotes):
"lpr -Syourcomputersipaddress -PyourPDFPrintername c:\testfile.txt"

If all goes according to plan a "Bullzip PDF - Create File" windows just popped up when it should have just saved to the directory you asked it to.

Is there a fix for this issue?
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