gui.exe keeps running after succesfull printing

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gui.exe keeps running after succesfull printing

Postby Jhavermans » Mon Oct 05, 2009 12:33 pm

I'm using Bullzip printe, latest version, and having trouble with the gui.exe process.

What happens is the following:
- from out a webbrowser I generate a PDF document. This document is created and returned to the user in 100% of the tests. (no problem here).
- in about 3 of the 10 cases, the gui.exe process is nog closed on server level. The administrator sees a large number of unclosed commandboxes/processes when loging in.
- via taskmanager is close down the gui.exe, but then it starts over again.

I've this behaviour the the version 7 of Bullzip, but earlier with version 6. Because it was never solved i've upgraded now, but behaviour stays the same.
I've tested with Ghostscript LITE and FULL edition, doesn't make a difference...

What can be wrong? How can i solve it?
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Re: gui.exe keeps running after succesfull printing

Postby iaacov » Thu Dec 24, 2009 7:18 pm

I have the same problem in a similar scenario.

In my case I run a pdf-print server accepting requests from client machines using DCOM.

The pdf files are created successfully, however a semi-invisible dialog is shown for each print. By semi-invisble I mean that there's just a title-bar and a "shadow" of a dialog-box.

As is the case with the previous message, this happens only when the print is initiated by a non-interactive user.

Please help.
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