Multiple Instances by Bullzip print jobs

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Multiple Instances by Bullzip print jobs

Postby danprem » Thu Aug 13, 2009 6:57 pm

I have been trying to use Bullzip for a PDF print job. I have been running into problems when Bullzip opens multiple print jobs.

I have a VB based exe, that provides data for a 3rd party tool. The actual printing is done by the 3rd party tool and the 3rd party tool generates multiple print jobs, to the default printer. I have set Bullzip as the default printer. The VB based exe does not have any control over the 3rd party tool apart from being able to kick it off.

The 3rd party tool keeps sending a new print job as soon as the print spooler is free & ready. So there is almost a continuous flow of jobs. I have been able to set the runonce file for each one since, by monitoring a process the 3rd party tool spwans out, I know when the print job is spooling is completed. I set a new ruunonce file in the begining and when the tool is running I set a new runonce file every time the spooling process is completed and before the next one starts.

The issue I have is when I kick off the 3rd party tool, Bullzip releases the printer spool before the PDF is created. So the 3rd party tool keeps sending more files and I see multiple Bullzip icons, one for each instance of the Bullzip, in my system tray. When this happens things become unstable. At times I get the dialog box opened even though I have set the runonce file. Other times I get a file locked error message on the status files, and some other times instances dissapear without writing anything.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening, either to prevent bullzip from releasing the spooler until the file is written out or prevent multiple instance of bullzip form interfering with each other?
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